Stellar Serums Set

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What it is

Used together, these serums not only protect your skin from future aging, but help nourish your skin and your confidence. (not literally mixed together, you have to wait 5 minutes between layers) The Hyaluronic Thirst Serum is guaranteed to leave you skin feeling plump and tight- this can even be used as a moisturizer for those of us with oily skin.

Vita C Brightening Serum works to help even out your skin tone. So, those little dark spots that seem to be getting darker(?) will start to fade and blend into your natural skin color. This serum diminish your dark spots and hyperpigmentation, evening your skin tone and giving you a little glow along with it.

Screen Time Serum (should have named it Earth Screen Serum) because it essentially should be used like a sunscreen- everyday. This serum protects you from free-radicals, which are molecules that are off balance, damaging skin. Free-radicals come from everywhere, but our society is responsible for most of the increases in free-radicals. Times are changing- Screen Time Serum is a staple now.

Night-Shift Retinol Serum gives you an intense dose of retinol while you get your beauty sleep. Wash your face in the morning before putting any other serums on. This product can be a little irritating- if you have sensitive skin, we suggest starting with a small amount once a week and working your way up from there.
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