Cause: Birds


I asked Arjun often, as we love hypothetical questions, “If you could live in the sea like a fish or fly like a bird, which would you choose?.” He always chooses “bird”. I always choose “fish”. We have a love of both though-- even more so since we’ve been in Florida. After visiting the several bird watching sites around St. Pete and finally getting to Sanibel and learning so much at the J.N. “Ding” Darling Reserve -- that was it-- we were “birder’s”. A trip that was a driver of us starting no animals.


Reserves and protected lands for these rare birds to take refuge, breed, and live in safe areas are the answer to preserving and restoring several bird species that are in danger of extinction. That’s why one of the causes we support is the Ding Reserve. Because of philanthropists like J.N. Ding Darling, these birds are still alive. Real Estate is a booming industry though, and deforestation is slowly but softly killing these birds. Making sure refuges like these are funded and protected is key to their survival.