What do the Symbols Mean on No Animals Packaging?

Cruelty-Free: No Animals was founded in response to the prevalence of animal testing in cosmetics and beauty products. Half a million animals are used to test cosmetics around the world each year. We are committed to no animal testing in our products, including sourced ingredients, botanicals, or formulations that go into the products we develop. With today's technological and scientific advances, as stated by Cruelty Free International, animal testing is actually less effective than alternative methods. No Animals is certified by both Leaping Bunny and PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program.

Wildflower Awareness: Wildflowers play a critical role in our ecosystem. They provide seeds, nectar, and pollen as a source of food and life for pollinators. Sadly, many of nature’s pollinators are on the decline due to native plants becoming scarce as our environment changes. Without pollinators there will be devastating effects on our ecosystem including the plants that rely on pollinators becoming more scarce. Some of our biggest agriculture crops for human consumption such as blueberries and cherries, still require bees for up to 90% of their pollination. We want to do what we can to keep this delicate cycle thriving.

Please Recycle!: Did you know that the EPA estimates 75% of American waste is actually recyclable? And yet, we only recycle about 30% of it. At No Animals we’ve made both the containers and the box that they come in, 100% recyclable. So when you’ve finished your products, please recycle them!

Charitable Profit Sharing: Our commitment at No Animals is to empower you to make a difference, every time you purchase a No Animals skincare product. For each transaction on our website, we donate 15% of profits to animal causes and organizations that you can trust. Visit Our Causes page to learn about them!