Skincare Regimens - What You Need To Know

When To Switch Up Your Regimen:

  • You’re still breaking out while following a skincare routine

Sometimes using multiple products (even high quality ones) in your skincare routine is simply not the right combination or can be too much for your skin to handle.  

  • The skincare regimen that worked wonders for a friend is not working on you

Everyone’s skin is different.  Skincare products that work for your friend, might not necessarily work for you. Oily skin needs are different from the needs of dry skin. And, skin types can also change based on environmental factors like climate or even variations in your diet. 

  • Your skin is red and irritated

Remember that the skin on our face is extremely sensitive. Oftentimes, we use products that are irritating our skin but continue using them hoping it will get better or is part of the product working. Products like AHA’s or Retinols can lightly tingle but should never burn or sting. Always listen to your skin when trying out new products. Use small amounts and test it on the back of your hand first to avoid any allergic reactions. 

The best skincare regimen: WATER. SLEEP. REPEAT.

The biggest factors in our skin’s health and allowing our skincare products to work to their fullest potential rely on getting enough rest and staying properly hydrated. Not getting enough sleep and being dehydrated can increase your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which cause breakouts and skin inflammation. 

Get some rest.